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The Sky Class™

Our Founder at Sky Spine Institute™ has developed a proprietary classification system to determine the appropriate customized treatment course for each patient.  An amazing 1,323 combinations are considered by our providers in order to arrive at the best treatment course for you.  You will not find this anywhere else in the world!

This classification system, SkyCLASS™, considers not only anatomical evaluations through imaging, literature, and clinical examinations, but also factors that play a significant role in individualized treatment courses such as:  age, overall health, activity level, medical history, how you would respond to conservative treatments (medication, injections, rehab/ therapy), how you would respond to anesthesia… and many more.  We treat the entire-you, and not just the aspect of your pain generator.  Once your SkyCLASS™ results are determined, our providers take great care in explaining these findings to you, so you are always kept in-the-loop of your treatment.

Sky Spine Endoscopy Institute