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Referral Expectations

Here at Sky Spine Endoscopy Institute™, we will treat your patients the way you treat your patients – with the best care. We acknowledge the importance of trust when it comes to referring your patients to other medical practices. It is because of this trust that we pride ourselves on patient satisfaction and the respect that we deliver, from our 1,323 diagnosis combinations to post-treatment care. What your patients will experience will be a practice that will listen to them, and treat their entire symptom complex, not just masking their symptoms with unnecessary treatments. We greatly appreciate the fact that you are interested in what we are doing here at Sky Spine Endoscopy Institute™. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us or request literature to pass along to your patients.

The Sky is The Limit with Sky Spine Endoscopy Institute™

Traditional medicine is changing in so many ways. From cost to new diagnoses, we are seeing ever-evolving developments. One of the paradigm shifts that is occurring right before our eyes is the ability to treat surgical patients on an outpatient basis. Due to innovative approaches, and technological enhancements, many conditions can be treated in this arena with equal or greater benefits to the patients compared to the hospital model. Your patients are in good hands with Sky Spine Endoscopy Institute™.

So, Why Is This?

  • Patients are becoming less scared of outpatient spine surgery and more concerned with hospital based infections
  • Payers becoming more willing to allow spine cases to move from hospitals to ASCs
  • Lower cost per case in an outpatient setting
  • Patients prefer surgeries when they are in and out
  • Significant improvements in anesthesia
  • Great improvements in post surgical pain management

Sky Spine Endoscopy Institute