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We love what we do! The satisfaction of seeing patients understand their treatments, and the why’s and how’s of their treatments are what drives us everyday. Many years ago, our founder, Dr. Said Osman, wanted better for his spine patients and has worked tirelessly to see his mission through – and he is doing it at Sky Spine Endoscopy Institute™. Whether it is the patient that is too old or too young for others to surgically treat, or someone who is using pain pills to make it through their day, Sky Spine Endoscopy Institute™ is dedicated to helping these individuals, and everyone in between. Neither medical literature, nor x-rays should decide the diagnosis of a person. It is because of this that we utilize 1,323 different images- and clinically-based combinations of diagnosis on each and every person to find the best possible treatment course for the best possible outcome. Given today’s technology, it is possible to treat patients, should they need surgery, with a ½” or less incision, and ½ day stay or less through our Sky ½ & ½ ™ endoscopic surgery approach. This is just one more way in which we deliver the best care to our patients. Welcome to Sky Spine Endoscopy Institute™.

Sky Spine Endoscopy Institute