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Our Approach

There are many surgeons, hospitals, and surgery centers out there. Numerous aspects set us apart from the others, but one in particular, is very significant to your well-being when it comes to surgery. This aspect is called AT/ CT Ratio (Access Time/Cure Time).

This Ratio is “Access Time” to “Cure Time.” Let’s take a herniated disc surgery as an example for AT/CT Ratio. In order for the surgeon to get to the disc in order to repair/remove it, the surgeon must first get there – this time to actually get to the disc is part of the Access Time (AT). Once the surgeon gets to this disc, the time that is spent to repair/remove this disc is called Cure Time (CT). After the disc is repaired/ removed, the surgeon then takes time to ‘close (or suture)’ the soft tissue that was compromised in the first part of the AT. This ‘closing’ is the second part of AT. So, in this example, we will say it takes a surgeon 35 minutes to ‘get’ to the disc, and then 25 minutes to ‘close’ the soft tissue compromised in this procedure. The total AT = 60 minutes. On top of that, the Cure Time (CT) to repair or remove the disc, is 30 minutes. This makes the Total Time (TT) of surgery to be 90 minutes, with an AT/CT Ratio of 2:1. We are different! Due to innovative technology and revolutionary techniques, that same disc herniation surgery would have an AT/CT Ratio of 1:1 in a procedures With a Total Time (TT) of surgery to be 40 minutes…. Which is 54% less surgical time for our patients. Above and beyond the time ratio, the average blood loss will be decreased by up to 8x with our approach. The Sky ½ & ½ makes this happen!

Sky Spine Endoscopy Institute